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Driving To NeverLand

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Two days ago, I had this strange mood of having a never ending drive. I didn’t care where I will end up in as long as I had my pack of smokes and my car. So turned on the car drove up to the petrol station filled the tank up and left. I headed for the boarders first, when I got there I felt like having a burger! So I drove back to McDonald’s Bnayder and had a meal. I was surprised that I didn’t find anyone over there! It was just me and the people which worked there. After that I left and thought of going to Kempinski for second cup cafe, but I knew that they wont let me in because of all the well behaved Kuwaiti teenagers. After a while, I remembered that there was a Starbucks next to Kalifa Resort so I drove there and my jaw dropped after getting in because I was the only customer over there ! It was the rarest incident that ever had happen to me so I ordered a cup of tea and sat out side with a couple of waffles.. the weather was amazing it was the perfect day for the perfect cup of warm tea 🙂 ! damn I wish I can do that again today !


Written by Linus

October 1, 2007 at 2:55 pm

Posted in Driving, Mazaj

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