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This is a web site that a couple of Kuwaiti guys have made, its sort of like You-tube but even better! Why? Because it has full movies and you can watch them for Freeeee!!!

About Salloumi:
Salloumi.com founded in March, 2008 by a group of Kuwaiti users. It serves users globally to upload their videos and share them with other people accessing the same website. It also provides the ability to embed videos from other websites using a HTML embedding code so people of certain websites can view our videos.

In order to globalize and activate the website’s hits by users, a mailing list was created using one of the most sophisticated mailing list systems. A user is allowed to subscribe to or unsubscribe from our mailing list which publishes daily forwardable e-mail letters containing pictures, videos, or recent topics. Yet, our mailing list reached the number of 24,000 e-mail addresses. Most of them are of Arabic users.

Points to Be Targeted:
Salloumi staff aims to achieve the good reputation through the G.C.C countries. Accordingly, the website was managed to serve up to 5,000 users streaming videos at a given time. Therefore, the staff had to get a single powerful server, at the mean time, to achieve a high performance and a good availability to the users.”

Here is their website Salloumi

Check them out, and add me over there :)!


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June 14, 2008 at 12:26 am

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A Couple of Videos

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Well, Finals right now, so don’t be running aways guys! Anyway, this is a video which really inspired moi!

I guess there are people who think properly around the world! Check is out

Watch it till the end btw! You’ll be amazed with how clear he is!

Then this is the song I’ve been hooked on for the past week 🙂 , its quite interesting and lovely to be honest. Enjoy 🙂

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June 8, 2008 at 3:17 am

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