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I need a real holiday!


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July 31, 2008 at 2:20 pm

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Quick Post

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This is a song I cover song I found on youtube… If your a fan or the Beatles then I’m sure you’ll love this, if not then just check it out! IT’s truely an amazing cover!

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July 25, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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Fuck Inflation! + Other BS too

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Man! I just can’t wait till my summer course/term (what ever you want to call it) to end! I’m so fucking bored with this shit! I mean I can’t handle anymore school work! I want to travel around for a bit take a fucking break!

I’m getting pissed off right now because i never expected the summer term to be this boring since there isn’t anything thats sold on campus! Else than the pepsi, which I’m hating right now, you’d find CocaCola! WTF! I need coffee! Yes, I admit! I’m a coffee addict! Damn it! I need it so bad! its like sniffing cocaine lol! But I’m drinking my coffee and I get a high! lol!

Most of the times, I just wanna blast of this country and just travel for a weekend to somewhere like rural. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me when and how! I wanna just get of and like go to a island that doesn’t have a living human being! and just relive a humans life for a weekend and then get back to my normal life. I’m sick of the overwhelming stress that I always get in the city (even in Kuwait btw), I’d like to just work to build my place with my own hands and hunt or look for my food, live an island that humans hate to reach. More like I’d love to have a small colony of my own! I just need people to move over there, but they have to be productive people. Who’s with me?

Now to something worst. Since the economy down here is so bad right now it really sucks. You wonder why right? Every month i have to go shopping for food of course, but guess what? It is normal if my cart that is always filled at the end of the day gets up to $250! I never thought food is that freaking expensive! I’m sure its because of the economy and the hyper-inflation thats happening around the world.I also forgot to mention something important, everything has gone up! A bag of rice I used to buy for 8 bucks is now for 20 buck! It’s only 1 KG by the way! Bus prices are up, food prices are up, rent prices are up, gas prices are sky rocketing,  tea prices are also up! Whats left now? I’m sure I’ll have to pay to walk by next month! Maybe they will place a fee about that shit!

I got some plans after I finish the course, the only problem is, I still didn’t book my ticket. Plane tickets have also went up too!

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July 17, 2008 at 9:35 am

Hell Yeah, I’m Back! For Now..

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Well I’m back online, blogging  again, for a while I guess. The past few weeks I’ve been struggling to put my life in order and study properly for my classes. I want decent grades that’s why. Many things happened during that period, some of the are funny, some are just embarrassing. I’m going to try to blog full time again by something like next week, but by then I’m going to also have many things to finish and do! one of them is that I’m moving out of my place to a new location, and there is a possibility I’m going to a new university.

I met a number of guys from the gulf, but up to today, I didn’t meet even one girl from there! I guess we have a shortage of girls in the gulf lol!

I have to tell you guys and gals I love and hate the bus! I hate it when I’m just seconds aways and it leaves in front of my fucking eyes, and I love sitting inside the bus with the window open while the air just cools my head! its lovely! the weather is amazing, but school isn’t lol!

How are yo guys? any news? Keep it good news, nothing depressing please!

The next post shall be longer I hope….

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July 11, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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