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When there is a damn storm outside, don’t be stupid and try to drive! You might get stuck in the snow for hours, and possibly freeze some limbs.


Written by Linus

December 23, 2008 at 12:34 am

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Pointless Hallucinations

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Now since I’m sort of free from a lot of the stress I was facing the last couple of months, I can be dumb enough for a bit to just type out my thoughts. 

It’s been a year since I left Kuwait, exactly 1 year and 3 days. It may sound weird, but I really DO NOT miss Kuwait that much. Yeah I sort of miss my friends and family but not Kuwait as a society or a group of people. I mean no offence to anyone, I’m just being honest. I can’t really stand the typical Arab way of thinking. When I see the new guys coming over, you just get that sense that you always get from any other Arab, he is fucking sick of his life, and wants to be creative and different for a bit without the sarcasm and the nonsense that he would get from the general public.  And they actually do become different people after a couple of months if not a whole year. 

But I noticed something that I seriously do not like. All of the Arabs that I know give the impression to the Americans that we “the Arabs” are filthy rich. Lets just say that we shit gold and we pee oil. That’s what they think. I’m hoping that the Arabs would realize they can be broke for a bit and not ask their parents for more money every month. I actually talked to a “Arab” guy who was driving around in a college town and he was throwing Benjamen’s while riding his fancy car. Guess what happened the next day? A couple of guys broke in to his car and stole his wallet and a shit load of expensive shit.  SO! Guys even if your rich, believe me you don’t want to mess around with the money a lot. 

On campus, who ever asks me what is my car or what I own. My answer would be I don’t know what car I have, all I know is it has 4 wheels and an engine! wow! I’ve lied to people and told them I live with a bunch of arabs, but I actually live alone. 


Enough about me! Here is what I would like from you guys. I will buy a domain etc. but I need someone to design me the blog thing. Who can help me with that. I’d really appreciate the help! And I’ll be grateful for a long long time! 

And people I dedicate this awesome song for all of fellow bloggers, readers, and those who hate me! Enjoy! 

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December 17, 2008 at 2:44 pm

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I’m Finally Done

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So I’m Finally done with school.
I need a break. I need to Cooking agaiN! I miss that lol.
I’m in a hurry! I’m playing GoW2 and you won’t know what that is only if and if your a part of the GAMING WORLD!

Written by Linus

December 13, 2008 at 11:42 pm

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