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Life Takes and Gives

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A friend passed away yesterday. Please don’t drink and drive.


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September 13, 2009 at 11:53 pm

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Dubai Sweet Sweet Dubai Pt.2

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Me and Hamood sat at the cafe, thinking of hotels we could go to. I wanted Jumarih Beach or Atlantis; Jumarih was not at our budget at the time, and Atlantic was fully booked. So I logged on to Orbitz.com to check out something within our range and found one of the oldest hotels in Dubai with a decent price. So we booked it and waited for our Zexy friend Saloom.

While I was sipping on my tea, I glanced to my right and guess who was there? The Hooker from the elevator! She was seducing us with her herpes infested lips! yesssss. We ignored her. Saloom came over to us with the saddest face I’ve ever seen on him since I’ve known him.

Me: “Had fun?”

Saloom:”Please I don’t want to talk about it.”

Me: “Why?”

Saloom:”I feel like I betrayed my girlfriend”

Me: “You asked for what you wanted and got it”

So for the rest of the night he went on and on about how guilty he felt. Oh, and the fear of getting an STD. And that was the end of our stay at the awesome Prostitution Central Hotel!

7 am we checkout and get in to a cab to our new hotel. I like it. It looked more family oreientated, more posh than PCH.

After roaming around Dubai for the whole day, we went back and chilled in front of the TV for no reason. Then Saloom told me about this Bar in the hotel that had like Singers, they were Russian, So we went down to check it out. I got in, without an ID check, ordered a coke and watched the show. One of the Singers kept on staring at me, so I was kinda wondering what the fuck is going on. I was looking at my cloths, and apparently they were alright, I start feeling my face and there was nothing wrong with it either. I wondered and decided to stare at her. What she basically do is stare at anyone who is sitting in eye sight and gives him what I’d like to call the “Sexy look” where you basically sit there and wait till she is off stage. And there were a good number of people who apparently had that going on them. So I left after I got too bored.

After that there wasn’t anything that was really interesting expect on our flight back to Kuwait. There was 2 guys and a girl. all of them were tanned and the chick had her hair dyed blond. Once we landed in Kuwait, She was wearing a hijab. Awesome.

Advice to those who want to travel to Dubai, don’t be as cool as us and order Beryani from room servies at 5 am, and order Breakfast at 10 pm. Thank you

Written by Linus

September 3, 2009 at 2:57 am

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Dubai Sweet Sweet Dubai

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It’s been almost 2 weeks since I stopped socializing like I used to, I don’t know I just feel like I want to reclaim my kingdom and have my throne ready once school starts.

I’ve been eating like pig, if I see chocolate, it would be denied of existence in a matter of seconds. Funny I know. Then comes the food, ho ho ho, I’ve been eating like there is no tomorrow. And then I turn on my Xbox, log in to COD4 and start playing all night long. I wish I had something better to do.

Today is going to be the first day I hangout with a friend of mine! Matty! blondie Matt! That dude is freaking awesome, what i like about him is that he understands what I’m talking about and he isn’t all about the partying and shit.


Now, since I’m not really doing anything lately, and I don’t have anything to talk about other than what I did over the summer, let me tell you about the lovely trip to Dubai.

Me, and my friends went to Dubai on this spontaneous trip that was not arranged in any way or form. We got there with no idea of which hotel we would be staying at. So after checking around for a bit we decided to go with a 5 star hotel which is pretty well known internationally. The weather was nicer than Kuwait since there wasn’t any dust or extreme heat. It was simply humid, which was fine.

We got to our rooms at the hotel and ended up sleeping until 9 pm. Just like men (lol) we woke up with a noisy stomach! So we got a cab and went to Mall of Emirates to grab something to eat….. On our way back the cab driver was talking about the hotel that we were staying at. He was like  “Dude that hotel your staying at is filled with Sharameeeet!”
Me+Friends …. ?

Me:” We haven’t seen anything wrong at all..”

Cabby: ” Just wait till its midnight, and you’ll know what I’m talking about…”

We decided to chill out at the hotel cafe so we get a clear idea of what he is talking about.As we sat at the cafe, we saw a blond  chick with puffed lips (it reminded me of Puffak, no joke). We got some tea and we were talking and complaining about how expensive things are, when we saw this old dude in his late 50’s or so going over to that Blondie and talking to her. Then they both walked away to the elevators! I was like WTF ?

Am I day dreaming? Then me and my friend decided to have a smoke, so we went outside of the hotel and there we saw what the Cabby was talking about. It was Prostration  Central. I mean every fucking kind of Whore in the world, Russian, Persian, Armenian, Malaysian, African, and of course Philpinoooo!

Because of the shock me and my friend were stood there with our eyes wide open and pants suddenly enlarging.  Suddenly we get this Asian looking chick come over to us…

Hooker: “You want masssaaage?”

Friend : “Ok, how much?”

Hooker: ” 600 Derham”

F 1″ Laa! Thats too much!”

Hooker: ” I make you good deal,  300 Derham!”

F 1 ” I don’t want thats it.””

Me ” Where are you from?”

Hooker “I’m from Malaysia”

Me ” ahaaa”

Hooker: ” for you 200 Derham ok?”

Me ” If you pay me 200 Derham I’ll take you upstairs. Ok ?”

Of course we bursted in to a coma of laughter until we saw the cops near by, but the cops didn’t do anything. They saw what was happening and they were just sitting there and watching. It was odd…..

The next day my friend lets call him “Saloom” decided to have a massage. So he set up an appointment and went there with high expectation of getting some sugar. The poor kid came back vibrating like a dildo, meaning he couldn’t stand properly. He sat down and was like ” I just got a hand-job” .. He started telling us what happened, were shocked because this massage center is part of the hotel. So he went in to a room and took of his cloths and laid back, the chick came in and started his “treatment”,  through the treatment he was basically asking her what she offers, she was like “Genie make magic when we finish”. He thought she is going to like strip or something. Once he was done she asked him to turn over, he did. She grabbed his cock and started jerking him XD! not forgetting that she was fingering him as well! Saloom was like I don’t give a shit, I got a fucking hand-job!

Anyway, The next day was more interesting for Saloom. He decided to grab a hooker that looked like a pretty famous celeb, without our knowledge. We were at the hotel room when he came in with her. I’ll be honest, I was horny as fuck that night. I barely controlled my self. She walked in, as she was walking in i grabbed her and forced her to sit next to me, she freaked out. So she ran off to my friend and sat next to him. me and my other friend (Hamood) decided to leave the room and let him do his fucked up shit. As we were walking to the elevator another hooker was leaving a room. We hit the button expecting it to open up so we would leave her behind so we don’t get in to  shit with another hooker. But that did not happen

She got in with us, she was are you Saudi’s ? We were like no Kuwaiti’s. Then all of the sudden she comes over to me and hugs me! I FROZE! I didn’t move at all. then she make eye contact and she grabbed my fucking cock!  I moved away! Once we got to the ground floor I literary ran out of the elevator! My friend was like WTF is going on over here!
So I ran off to the Cafe and my Hamood was chasing me. We sat down and first thing I told him was.. We are leaving tomorrow morning to a different hotel

I will complete this post later.. Enjoy for now since this post is pretty long!

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September 1, 2009 at 11:59 pm

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