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I guess no one read the previous post, so let me give you the story. And yes it does sound like out of a movie.

So I’m B, that is what everyone calls me in the states.

A year ago I met this guy, he was pretty chilled until we had a conflict of standards where we parted away. His girlfriend at the time was a gorgeous Dutch-German-American girl.  If she passed by a tree the leafs would drop and the branches of the tree would stiffen from how she can twist a mans heart.

I wasn’t really close to her, she was simply my friend’s girlfriend.

It’s been almost a year since me and my friend parted away.I usally hangout when ever I’m having one of these blank days at a cafe, I chill out side and have a cup of tea and some snacks of course.

A month ago as I was enjoying the sunshine I heard someone screaming my name so gently. It was music to my ears. Guess who it was? Yes, it was my “ex”-friend’s girlfriend. So I stood up and went over to her and invited her over for a cup of tea. She accepted the offer and we sat there for more than 3 hours straight! She told me that she broke up with that friend of mine and she is currently  not in a serious relationship with the guy who has a damn Masters degree in Education! I was shocked of course, thinking that the guy is in his thirties. She cleared things up and told me he is only a few years older than myself. On that day she told me that she was stalking me for a while, trying to getting at that cafe when ever shes walking back to her car, since that she works near by that cafe. 

We started hanging out more ofently for the past month, at the same spot. Everyone I knew was like dude she is really into you! Even the owner of the cafe was saying that. I didn’t have any intentions, any thought of even dating the girl.  Last Tuesday she called me up, “Hey B, how is going?”

I was like “Good good, got a little bit too much work on my hand at the moment, what are you up to?” long story short, she wanted me to come by the cafe. So I left the crap that was bursting my brain to pieces of jello and went over there. On my way she called me she was like “B I’m going to be 10 minutes late, I just wanted you to know.” I’ve never had a girl be this caring. Anyway, she got there and told me that she broke up with that guy. I didn’t want her to go in the subject since I have no business in it. But she felt like talking and I just sat there and listened to it all. She was drunk and pissed of at him and that is how it ended. On that day we both agreed to checkout a local food scene thingy; we both love food. Friday night it was.

I was taking it pretty chilled until my friends knew. They were like dude are you blind! It’s a damn date! Friday night, dinner and its only you and girl? ITS A FUCKING DATE! So I kinda put my hopes up thinking that it would be a date. So I clean up my apartment on Friday, and dress to impress. Just as I was going to leave my apartment I check my phone, and I got a text message.
2 clicks later I start boiling!

This is what the text says “Can we make it another night?”

15 minutes before we were suppose to meet up.

15 fucking minutes before we were suppose to meet up!

15 damn fucking minutes!!!!!!

So I was like “Yeah sure”, she text me later on saying that “I’m calling off the night, I’m not feeling well.”

Damn you!!! So the next day I text her to check if everything is fine, apparently she is doing GREAT!

Lovely, I sound like I’m obsessed with her right now lol. I’m not, I’m just sort of venting after a messed up weekend, more like a messed up week.

Anyway, on the same night I text her again to tell her how about Tuesday night, since I’ll be done with most of my work on that night. It’s Monday morning she still didn’t text me back.

Well here’s the deal, I’m not going to push myself on her.

I’m not trying to get with her. But the way she acts around me got me thinking that she wants to be with me, which is fine and dandy with me.

I’ve just found the real question that every man would like to get an answer to.

It’s what do women want?

To be Continued………

P.S. I’ll edit this when I have the time.


Written by Linus

April 26, 2010 at 11:20 am

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  1. hi wats your myspace page

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