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Heart to Heart

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I guess no one read the previous post, so let me give you the story. And yes it does sound like out of a movie.

So I’m B, that is what everyone calls me in the states.

A year ago I met this guy, he was pretty chilled until we had a conflict of standards where we parted away. His girlfriend at the time was a gorgeous Dutch-German-American girl.  If she passed by a tree the leafs would drop and the branches of the tree would stiffen from how she can twist a mans heart.

I wasn’t really close to her, she was simply my friend’s girlfriend.

It’s been almost a year since me and my friend parted away.I usally hangout when ever I’m having one of these blank days at a cafe, I chill out side and have a cup of tea and some snacks of course.

A month ago as I was enjoying the sunshine I heard someone screaming my name so gently. It was music to my ears. Guess who it was? Yes, it was my “ex”-friend’s girlfriend. So I stood up and went over to her and invited her over for a cup of tea. She accepted the offer and we sat there for more than 3 hours straight! She told me that she broke up with that friend of mine and she is currently  not in a serious relationship with the guy who has a damn Masters degree in Education! I was shocked of course, thinking that the guy is in his thirties. She cleared things up and told me he is only a few years older than myself. On that day she told me that she was stalking me for a while, trying to getting at that cafe when ever shes walking back to her car, since that she works near by that cafe.  Read the rest of this entry »


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April 26, 2010 at 11:20 am

The Urge to write

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So here I am again, I haven’t posted in a while. I should do something about this anyway. I do enjoy writing and just putting my thoughts and idea’s or even how I’m feeling over here simply because I can interact with people with keeping my identity secret.

I’m kinda going through this phase of my life that I can’t stand being alone. It’s not like I’m in my 30’s or something. I’m still fairly young, but I have no idea what is going on. I’ve been overly passionate about women at the moment. I’ve been doing some art every now and then. and sometimes I end up with a sketch of a nude girl of my imagination that has a fairly shape and background.

I’ve been learning more and more by the day. I kind observe myself a lot, the actions I do and then recent my steps and classify them. I sound like a nut job, and I am.

I’m also hungry, not for food, hungry for a stable normal life. With school it’s been an emotional roller coaster. One day I’m happy and excited, the day after I’d be depressed and disorentatted.

I wish I wish I can a remote control that would stop, rewind and pause life. Just like out of Adam Sandlers movie “Click”. It would be interesting,  You would be able to change things that you have done wrong. Like may things I have done.

Finally in this post I’d like to mention one last time. My ex-girlfriend.

I know it’s been a year since we were together and she probably moved on and I’m happy if she did.

This is for her. Seeing you a few weeks ago walk in to my lounge and sitting there with your friends was  a pain to witness. My looks may have changed, my thoughts may have changed. And possibly that’s why you basically passed me and didn’t even recognize me. You were a blessing, I’ve learned so much from you and I wish you did learn something from me.

But I wish not to see you again. I know you, Becca would not see this, but please if you do understand why I wish what I did. Not because of the kind of person you are. It’s because I still burn in the flames of the pains that you have caused me. You know what you did, and I know what happened, everything. I maybe a nutty hyper math art lover. I’ll out smart you on every move you’ll make.

Here is a song from one of your favorite bands, and mine as well.

Good day people.

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March 8, 2010 at 1:02 am

What I was up to!

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Many of the few readers (only 2, they know them selves)  are wondering what have I been up to for the past 6 months. I’ve disappeared suddenly and barely posted anything.

So he is a recap on what happened.

I was mostly studying for the time, but then I met this girl. She basically fit the criteria, she was the girl I wanted to date and stuff. And I did! I went on 2 dates with her, then it was over. Lets just say I got my first kiss from her which was interesting, and the song that was on when we first kissed was Akon’s song of course, the one with “I wanna make love right na-na-na…”

I have to admit it was one of the most interesting time of my life. I felt like I was floating in the air!I don’t regret a second of my time with her, but still I wish I worked out between me and her.

Anyway, then I took a decent vacation to visit the Motherland! I honestly wanted to pack my bags again and leave the country after 12 hours of arrival.


Well Kuwait hasn’t changed much, socially talking. It was like the same crappy shit that I left behind, but on a shittier, more disgusting way. People stared at me for the way I “dressed Westernly”, because “my hair style is plainly retarded”, and because I wasn’t talking “Kuwaiti enough” to make people think that I’m Kuwaiti.

After I was in Kuwait I thought of traveling to a near by country to enjoy some fresher air. On the plane I was stuck next to a a couple of retarded “Agad” . When they first sat next to me they were looking at me top to bottom, like I’m some sort of crash test doll waiting to be slammed to the nearest concrete block. O, whats even funnier, is that they thought I was “European”. WOW.

Also, in Kuwait, because of my so-called weird style I couldn’t stop getting those funny looks, disgusting , retarded, asshole-ish, type of comments from people. I plainly hated everything that was going on.

I visited the old Private university (AKA – Gold diggers Central)  that I was studying at. And guess what! NOTHING CHANGED! I mean the school still functions like a freaking retarded high school for kids with bling-bling and air filled Ziploc heads. Getting a few transcripts from them was a FUCKING pain! They had the most retarded people working there, and I wish they understood what the fuck I’m talking about.

Talking about the greatness of Motherland (Kuwait), it was apparent that the country has become more of a battlefield for different families. Meaning everyone is trying to show off with something to make the statement that his family is Rich~!! but the facts say the total opposite. I can dream of the day that will end, hopefully in a few years.

I’ll complete this post later, adios for now!

Note: I dont own the pictures

Written by Linus

August 27, 2009 at 2:14 am

Some Thoughts About Kuwait, and the Current Development to a 5th World Nation

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First if all Ramadan Kareem! I hope whoever is fasting this month enjoys it and looses some weight (which I doubt in Kuwait). It’s been along time since I’ve posted a long post, but I need to post something long since I’m going back to school and well got to write tons of essays soon! Practice is always good 🙂

So I’ve been thinking lately about some random stuff, like what Kuwait is like right now? I don’t mean like the weather, I mean the people! Have they changed ? or are they still the same? I’ve heard that the number of restaurants that are on gulf road have increased since I left! Which is something I didn’t like when I heard of course, because they could use that land to do something better than making us fatter! They can always build something interesting for the people! I mean how about this… A indoor Zoo which has different tropical animals plus a sort of lounge thing in the middle of a man made jungle! Don’t forget to add a mini hotel which is placed on the beach front! But its not like a huge building! I mean they can make mini apartment like rooms on the beach which people can enjoy! Why wouldn’t anyone do that? I know it would be freaking expensive! But COME ON! I read in the newspaper 2 days ago that our government has a surplus! guess how much ? Read the rest of this entry »

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September 1, 2008 at 11:13 am

Same Old Same Old

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Again I’ve been away for a while! The wiring to my new apartment was messed up so they needed a couple of days to connect the whole thing to my new place and well I’m back online! It feels good! Really good!

So I’ve been messing around these past few days (or weeks) had fun! but still need to drive out of my state to the neighboring states since I would like a long long long long drive because I didn’t get one since almost a year now.

The weather got better, its more like it! I just Ordered some new cloths online! But I’m going shopping soon! Read the rest of this entry »

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August 29, 2008 at 3:09 am

Looks Like It!

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It looks like I won’t be having any Internet for a couple of days maybe weeks.

It looks like I’m spending the rest of the holiday alone.

It looks like I’m going to add on some weight.

It looks like I’m going to quit smoking (I’m still dreaming about that).

It looks like I’m going to be back in Kuwait sometime this year!

Wish me Luck and don’t forget about me!

PS I know I’m the laziest blogger on this freaking planet.

Written by Linus

August 22, 2008 at 2:19 am

A Nomad I am.

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For the past few months I’ve been thinking about my future, so I don’t get stuck like I did after graduating high school.

I guess I figured out what I want to do, as surprising as this may sound but I feel like I don’t belong to Kuwait nor America. What am I going to be? Who am I going to become? Those were my questions, Before entering school again I wanted to become a person who would change things, a person with a dream of a better future for his nation. I realized that I’ve been day dreaming way to much, and I drew the points and connected them to find at last that I’m going to become the person that no one expected to be. I’m not going to settle back in Kuwait. I want to travel around and become more of a modern nomad, as in a person with no home. I wanna travel around with whatever I have and learn what I always missed out or feel like i want to learn(Culture, Languages, life styles…)

I know that I’ll be stuck in a office after I finish studying, working my ass off so I can live a life style I don’t really care about and I don’t feel like its a necessarily important.

I may sound like I’m crazy, but heck with it I want to live my life the way I feel right.

Written by Linus

August 12, 2008 at 1:37 pm