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A Once in a While Post

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As I’ve kind of gotten used to it. I’ve barely posted anything for a long time.

University does keep one occupied most of the day, if I’m not studying I’m doing houses hold works, If I’m not doing that I would be hanging out with my friends enjoying the sunshine or just messing around on a farm one of my friends own.

Anyway, I just want to vent again since I haven’t done so for a long time.

So my ex-girlfriend got engaged, in less than a year of that kinda weird breakup. I don’t want to lie to myself and say that I don’t give a shit. I do give a shit. She got engaged in less than a year of us breaking up. Which is pretty trashy in my humble opinion. What saddens me most is not that fact that she is engaged. But more of why did I mess up a relationship with a person who was serious about life. Why did I mess a relationship with someone who was smart and so fucking cute that would make my day as bright as possible. Not forgetting her baking skills, please shoot me.

I still do regret that bullshit that happened between me and her. But I won’t blame anyone or anything. I was going through this weird crazy period of my life, shit was messed up, I was confused, and I made a mistake, many mistakes. I just can’t get her out of mind sometimes. It’s kinda the anniversary of us breaking up today. Last time I talked to her she appeared to be happy, that is all I care about.

Now most of my friends don’t really know shit about this, except my good old British buddy. Once he heard that he was like, “next party comes by, we are getting you stoned as shit, and you won’t know about it, and a good healthy threesome.” Hahahhahaa..

Now I’d like to vent my other frustrations.

School, yes I’ve been fucking up during summer term. I’m slacking off a little bit too much. I hope things will go well.

Friends, I’ve left behind most of my Kuwaiti/Arab/Middle eastern friends. As they have caused bullshit and crap that doesn’t make any sense. You see, those “buddies” of mine keep putting me in this position that I am not comfortable in. I’m not fond of them anymore, and since I’ve seen that they drive me crazy, and jealousy is just part of actions towards me I have decided to call it quit. Even if it means that I would have to sit at home all day doing nothing.

I would not call myself happy right now, I wouldn’t call myself sad or angry. I’d say that I’m stressed out more than ever. Even though I just recently took a whole week off and vacationed around the West Coast.

Oh Oh.. on a good notice, I lost a shitload of weight. Everyone that I know is assuming that I workout. psht I haven’t done shit!!! I’ve just quit fast food. And I don’t know why and how I gained the muscles.

I’m hungry, I got class in a few hours and I gotta study the fuck out of my brains. Good day people.


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June 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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