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A Once in a While Post

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As I’ve kind of gotten used to it. I’ve barely posted anything for a long time.

University does keep one occupied most of the day, if I’m not studying I’m doing houses hold works, If I’m not doing that I would be hanging out with my friends enjoying the sunshine or just messing around on a farm one of my friends own.

Anyway, I just want to vent again since I haven’t done so for a long time.

So my ex-girlfriend got engaged, in less than a year of that kinda weird breakup. I don’t want to lie to myself and say that I don’t give a shit. I do give a shit. She got engaged in less than a year of us breaking up. Which is pretty trashy in my humble opinion. What saddens me most is not that fact that she is engaged. But more of why did I mess up a relationship with a person who was serious about life. Why did I mess a relationship with someone who was smart and so fucking cute that would make my day as bright as possible. Not forgetting her baking skills, please shoot me.

I still do regret that bullshit that happened between me and her. But I won’t blame anyone or anything. I was going through this weird crazy period of my life, shit was messed up, I was confused, and I made a mistake, many mistakes. I just can’t get her out of mind sometimes. It’s kinda the anniversary of us breaking up today. Last time I talked to her she appeared to be happy, that is all I care about.

Now most of my friends don’t really know shit about this, except my good old British buddy. Once he heard that he was like, “next party comes by, we are getting you stoned as shit, and you won’t know about it, and a good healthy threesome.” Hahahhahaa..

Now I’d like to vent my other frustrations.

School, yes I’ve been fucking up during summer term. I’m slacking off a little bit too much. I hope things will go well.

Friends, I’ve left behind most of my Kuwaiti/Arab/Middle eastern friends. As they have caused bullshit and crap that doesn’t make any sense. You see, those “buddies” of mine keep putting me in this position that I am not comfortable in. I’m not fond of them anymore, and since I’ve seen that they drive me crazy, and jealousy is just part of actions towards me I have decided to call it quit. Even if it means that I would have to sit at home all day doing nothing.

I would not call myself happy right now, I wouldn’t call myself sad or angry. I’d say that I’m stressed out more than ever. Even though I just recently took a whole week off and vacationed around the West Coast.

Oh Oh.. on a good notice, I lost a shitload of weight. Everyone that I know is assuming that I workout. psht I haven’t done shit!!! I’ve just quit fast food. And I don’t know why and how I gained the muscles.

I’m hungry, I got class in a few hours and I gotta study the fuck out of my brains. Good day people.


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June 30, 2010 at 12:09 pm

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My Classes this term! Numro Uno!

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Well Its weird! I have to admit! My fellow students in class are a mix of the weirdest people on this planet lol!

I mean today in my English class we had 2 Barbie girls lol!

6 Geeks (Male)

2 Macho men

3 Gothic/rocker types

and the rest were just normal!

I mean how weird are they? Yesterdays classes were interesting too! But the people in my English class were like worth a TV show dammit! It would be funny! I mean i had a couple of guys looking at me in a weird look (the teacher too because he is Jewish and i don’t blame him for being afraid of me) But the rest were like sort of interested!

I’m enjoying it! I will be the toughest term since I moved to the states! But its ok since I’m all fresh and ready to put some serious effort to studying! I wanna finish my Bachelors as soon as I can because I wanna do my Masters after that then I will start working!

Something I’m sort of ashamed of is that I didn’t fast today. I just couldn’t! I was starving and I had weird stomach noises which I get when I’m like starving! I’ll make it up after Ramadan I hope!

QQ Open your damn blog! Or be Stoned!

Those who read and comment on my blog and I didn’t have a chance to comment on theirs… I’m sorry! When I get the free time and the will to do it  I will! I’m sorry again!

A song for the sake of Amerika!

I have to go! Catch you guys later!

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September 23, 2008 at 11:27 pm

This is Whats on!

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I’ve been hooked on this song this week for almost no reason!

So I got some people coming over in a couple of days! I need to start cleaning me apartment! It’s fucking dirty!!!! I mean like I got mud around some places because I walk striaght in my apartment without any care! Don’t forget the papers, books, pens and pencils all around the living room. I feel like a freaking nerd! or more like Eisenstein LOL!

When I look at my self these days, I see that I’ve been smoking sort of more than before. I mean like almost a pack more a day. This is crappy and not good at all. I’m loosing lots of my stamina, I can’t like do any proper long distance walking (3-4 miles) SO these are all sort of signs of quiting I guess. It’s just getting really on my nerves, but still first thing I wake up get out of my apartment, I light my self a smoke.

Now, I think I’m going to give it up when it come to like scaring off chicks whom tries to get closer or something like that, I’ve scared off enough to create a freaking “I hate Linus club”!! I don’t care anymore, get me laid! Good bye and good night!

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April 23, 2008 at 6:21 am

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Weekend! – نهاية الاسبوع

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I’m glad It’s almost the weekend! I’m sort of sick of the pressure, so on each weekend I’m going to do the homework ahead of time! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

I got all of the things I need, so all I need to do now is just do the homework on the weekend, finish them ALL off. while for example doing them while watching TV. Read the rest of this entry »

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April 11, 2008 at 8:09 am

Another Stressful day!

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Fuck Fuck Fuck, yes thats all on my mind right now.

Today I got back to my apartment from school at 9 f.p.m.

My throat is fucking me up since I was talking like crazy today!

My brain has a fuse damage right now.

I got me english homework and I didn’t DO IT!

I need to sleep right now and wake up early!

I need to shoot the first on, on sight.

I mean using a camera.

OK, right now Linus wants to go crazy in the streets and have fun for a while, but its not possible.

Reason? SIMPLE! I GOT TONS OF HOMEWORK! I have to burn them!

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April 10, 2008 at 9:00 am

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اليوم – Today

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Ahhhhh! thats all I could say. Quiz went fine, but got fucked up with the essay. Anyway, after my Writing class I got fucked up again by a guy which knew about the origins of the Quran more than I do! He was asking me about some of the strangest crap I’ve ever heard! He was asking me about why we mention mh’d when we pray, and that kinda stuff.

HE WAS trying to fuck me up. I didn’t have a problem, but he was very aggressive with what he was saying.

I’m going to give lots of attention to what he is saying and you could say investigate about what he was saying.  I wasn’t ever interested in the origins of any of the scriptures.  I was in to the whole ethical and moral side of each religion, and what they beleive in and that kinda stuff!

Then he went to why do in the sharia to convect a person a women is like half of the mans testimony.

It was strange, he was asking me about something I didn’t care about at all! I had my reasons, I didn’t look in the sharia since I beleive that the sharia isn’t the REAL ruling of Islam. Sharia is something a person should carry in his heart.

Anyway, I’m pissed, sad, need books, need sometime off. Need to fly in the sky until i bounce back to me apartment. I need some sleep too.

PS I wasn’t pissed at the guy. I’m pissed at my self that is for not getting deeper in reading and studying these stuff.

سوف اقول شيأ اخيرا.

ليت اري “المجبووس” اماي هنا حتي اشبع, ثم اتجه الي اللبن. و في الاخر اصبح جثه هامده علي الفراش!

يلعن ابو خامس السافه! اودعكم يا اطفال المستقبل,

lol! Just kiddin!

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April 9, 2008 at 6:37 am

ملاقه! Boredom

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It’s late at night AGAIN, I fucked my self up by not finishing me English homework on the weekend.

Right now, I’m hating English more than ever. I like the numbers, they are originally Arabic anyway.

I have a quiz, homework, and an essay due tomorrow. I’ve done the quiz and homework. Essay will be my screw up for the week.

يلعن جد السالفه! الانجليزي ملااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااقه!

اتمني أن اجد اللغه العربيه في روج.

اتمني ان اجد كتاب اللغه العربيه بجد!

I’m feeling kinda sick, I need to go to sleep for fuck sake.

I need a person to shoot me in the head right now, I started hating my late night studies!

Good Night Ya’ll!

Update: There is the person searching ” romantic holding hands”. Me : ? WTF get of me blog you ass hole! Fucking cock sucker! * goes back to sleep*

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April 8, 2008 at 9:11 am